Top 5 Forex Blogs

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Having a forex blog can be an important way to stay up to date on what’s happening in the market. But you need to find a blog that’s not only updated frequently, but one that’s informative as well. Here are five forex blogs that offer all of that and more.


HF Markets Group, formerly known as FXOpen, is a global forex broker with over 650 offices across the globe. The group offers award winning research and trading tools to forex traders. In addition to its flagship product, FXOpen, HF Markets Group offers its clients a full suite of trading options. From forex trading to commodities to indices and other exotic financial derivatives, the group’s offerings are designed to help clients succeed in their endeavors. HF Markets Group’s offerings are rounded out with an extensive suite of trading tools, and the company’s innovative proprietary technology.

OANDA’s MarketPulseFX

Located in Toronto, Canada, the team behind OANDA’s MarketPulseFX blog has a combined 45 years of experience in the capital markets. The blog is targeted at those who subscribe to the OANDA MarketPulseFX newsletter.

With OANDA’s MarketPulseFX app, users can set up real-time notifications, manipulate charts, and set up margin call warnings. In addition, the app features streaming news feeds, pivot points, and trend lines. It can be used on any iDevice.

OANDA’s platform boasts an excellent reputation and is considered a low-risk broker. With licensing in eight major financial centers, OANDA is regulated in several tier-1 jurisdictions. OANDA also supports a number of third-party features. It also supports Algo Labs, which allows users to develop automated trading systems. This feature supports Python, C#, NinjaTrader, and more.

Counting Pips

Counting Pips on a Forex Blog – Pips are small but significant increments of profit or loss in a currency pair’s exchange rate. In general, a pip moves a mere 0.0020 of a unit. This may sound like a lot, but it is not. Pips are important because they quantify the trade profits of a particular trade.

The concept of pips isn’t new to the foreign exchange market. Before more precise methods of pricing were introduced, Forex pip was simply the smallest increment in FX price movement. It is now possible to calculate the size of a pip using a pip calculator.


Having been around since 2000, FXStreet is a leading provider of forex trading information. Aside from its website, it also has an app geared towards mobile devices. Featuring a number of market indicators, including real-time quotes and charts, the app is an invaluable resource for currency traders.

The FXStreet site is also well stocked with an array of tools aimed at helping traders make better decisions. This includes the aforementioned app, live webinars with experts, as well as customizable technical studies and trading tools. The site also has an extensive blog section highlighting recent developments in the world of forex trading.


LiteFinance is a highly reputable online forex broker that offers a wide variety of assets, services and tools for trading in the global market. It is known for its high level of technical support, fast platform, wide range of trading instruments, tight raw spreads and reliable trading technology.

LiteFinance provides its clients with a wide variety of trading instruments, including forex, cryptocurrencies, indices and precious metals. They also provide their customers with a web trading platform that executes orders based on STP/NDD technology. This platform is user friendly and provides extensive analysis of trading instruments. The platform allows clients to place orders with high leverage and receive instant execution.

Forex Crunch

Amongst the multitude of forex news websites out there, Forex Crunch comes with its fair share of accolades. It is, after all, the home of the FX-News network and the former FXStreet Premium offering content. In addition to news, Forex Crunch also provides advice on how to best trade forex.

The site does a bang up job at providing its users with the best forex news and rumors. One of the more useful parts of the site is the forum. There is a lot of discussion about different brokers, strategies, and trading styles. The site also provides its users with an impressive amount of tools, including trading signals, forex tools, and ebooks.


Founded by Andrew Ross Sorkin, the New York Times financial blog is a popular website that offers daily news about the financial markets and forecasts for the FX market. It is also a very reliable source of information for short-term traders, as it highlights the fundamental factors behind specific price forecasts. The financial blog pays more attention to major indices, such as the Dow and the S&P 500, rather than smaller stocks.

The site also offers real-time currency value charts and speculation about future values for popular currency pairs. It also offers opinions about current news events and discusses the impact of those events on currency values. It is an excellent website for evaluating the performance of currency values, as it provides the best tools for risk management and educational information for beginners.