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forex blog is a forex blog, which has been a leader in providing the latest forex news, trading tips and tutorials. They are a leading resource for traders of all skill levels, providing unbiased information and advice on all aspects of forex trading. They also offer a MetaTrader 5 forum, where traders can interact and exchange ideas and opinions. Their website also has an archive of forex related articles.


TraderMade is one of the best sites for forex news and analysis. Not only does it provide currency news, but it also has a blog section. It features three new posts every week. TraderMade has also released a new historical forex data portal. It features a REST API, which enables users to perform deep dives into the data.

TraderMade offers real-time data and charts as well as economic and technical analysis research. They also offer custom pricing plans. For example, a free basic plan includes minutely OHLC prices. They also offer free API samples for individual data requirements.

They also have an extensive research library that covers everything from macroeconomic trends to trading strategies. Their flagship platform offers real-time market data, as well as charting applications and interactive documentation.


Reuters is a global financial news provider, which provides leading market intelligence to a wide array of stakeholders in many sectors, including currencies. The company’s product line encompasses trading metrics, analytics and software.

In terms of FX, the company is best known for its market data, which has been available in a number of formats. The company’s flagship product, EBS, is one of the largest interbank FX platforms on the planet. In January, EBS traded over 141.3 billion in dollars and euros daily, a 54 percent increase from December. In addition, the company’s top of the line proprietary analytics product, IQfeed, was launched in June and offers a host of market data tools, including a slick data display.

Abnormal Returns

Using an asset pricing model, investors can determine the risk-adjusted performance of a portfolio, as well as the effects of different factors on the portfolio value. An abnormal return is a measure of the variance between the actual return of a security and the predicted return.

Abnormal returns can be positive or negative. Positive abnormal returns represent profits above the expected return for the security. Similarly, negative abnormal returns indicate losses below the expected return.

An example of a positive abnormal return is when the actual return of a security exceeds the expected return by a large amount. For example, if a mutual fund has an expected return of 12%, and the actual return is 10%, the abnormal return is positive. Similarly, if the expected return is 5% and the actual return is 4%, the abnormal return is negative.

Forex Crunch

Founded in 2008 by Yohay Elam, Forex Crunch is a leading website that offers a number of different Forex related services. This includes weekly Forex analysis, educational articles, tutorials and the latest news in the currency market.

In addition to the main website, Forex Crunch has a blog that contains articles and opinions from a number of industry experts. It also features a full-featured live forex calendar.

The website also features free apps for iOS and Android. The app provides traders with a quick, easy access to key forex related information. This includes real-time charts, news, and analysis.

The website also features an extensive directory of forex brokers. It also includes a trade stream feature that allows users to adjust the currency calendar based on their needs. The site is easy to navigate and boasts a nice layout.

MetaTrader 5 forum

MT5 Forum is a trading community for users of the MetaTrader platform. Its mission is to encourage healthy discourse on the trading world. In addition, the MT5 Forum offers a variety of incentives for its members.

The forum has over 106,000 members. It is supervised by a 6-man admin team. These members act as moderators, ensuring that the forum remains clean and free of any spam. The forum is also a great source of forex research. It is very active.

The forum features a search function, which enables members to browse through threads they have interacted with. New threads are also displayed on the right hand side of the main forum page.


Using leverage in forex can be a great way to increase your portfolio’s exposure to the global currency markets. Using leverage to your advantage can help you increase your profits while minimizing your losses. Leverage can be an extremely powerful tool, but it’s important to understand exactly what leverage is and how it works.

Leverage is usually synonymous with using borrowed funds, but it can be used in many ways. The most common uses of leverage include margin and forex trading. A margin account is a type of account that allows you to borrow funds in exchange for profits or losses on your investments.